On Mark, Chapter 1 (just the first 20 verses)

Wild John watches
As Word becomes Flesh
As Flesh descends to water
As water parts with sky
As sky and Voice combine to cry
You are Beloved!

God’s Beloved waits
As angels attend
As beasts breathe
As Satan sulks and stomps his tiny little feet
As time ticks by, forty days, forty nights
As Word made Beloved Flesh prepares to proclaim
God has come near!

Village women wonder
As wet with water and wild, he walks
As son leaves father along the water’s way
As fishermen drop their nets to foolishly follow
As dancing he says with glee
Fish for people!

And as the world wakes…all eyes chase Him
He who is all things
Wild, wet, walking, wandering, waiting, wanting, whimsy, wonder
Beloved come to play!

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