lucy finds a window

it’s been forever since i’ve posted anything–sorry about that. it’s been a crazy couple of weeks. i moved on october 1st. it’s been a transition! i’ve moved to a much, much smaller place (that charges much, much less rent). it is, hands down, the smallest apartment i’ve ever had. so 3/4ths of my stuff is in storage. and i’m learning the much needed art of de-pack-ratting. 

i can’t decide if i like this apartment or not. what irks me about it is the smell. it’s got that old grandpa stale smell in one of the closets. vinegar, bleach, damp-rid…you name it, i’ve tried it. my latest is aunt lynn’s suggestion of a plain old bag of charcoal to absorb the odor. we’ll see. they’re going to paint soon, so that may help as well. 
the other weird thing–and it’s really only weird in the sense that it’s new too me–is that i live on a floor full of people. it’s kind of like walking down a hotel floor full of doors. i’ve never lived in an apartment building with more than 6 people in it, so this is weird. and it’s kinda creepy. i walked out for church the other day at 7:15 on sunday morning and could hear my neighbor snoring. so, you know, thin walls and doors. 
but the good stuff…it’s cute. i need to put things in their place and paint and get pictures on the wall, but it’s really cute. very vintage, very charming. yeah, the sinks a bitch to do dishes in, but it’s got great big cabinets and storage. and i have a big stainless steel table that goes in what would be the dining room–an extension of the kitchen–so i have some decent counter space, room for my coffee maker and my kitchen-aid mixer. 
and the best of all is the window. pretty much floor to ceiling windows, which makes for very happy kitties. my lucy has just discovered a way to dive from the floor to the table to the kitchen window and, clearly, she’s found her niche. all this makes me happy. 
plus i’m really close the the church, which means i can easily walk to and from. and i live, now more than ever, fully in the city. it’s a little bit like being back in NYC–not the same, but a little bit closer. i walk home past outside (for now) patio restaurants and bars, ice cream shops open until 11:00 pm, coffee shops, grocery stores and people. lots of people. 
so it’s not perfect, but it’s good. for now. for awhile. which is good, because i don’t fancy packing up my stuff again anytime soon!