graduation day

saturday morning, en route to a graveside funeral, over which i’m presiding. i realize that i need to eat. so i drive through the mcdonald’s drive thru and order a large diet coke and an egg mcmuffin. 
i should mention that i’m dressed for the funeral, which means i’m wearing a cassock and surplice, which looks like this: 
but i’m tucked away in my baby SUV and not thinking much about it. yeah, i get a second glance from the guy i give my $$ to, but that’s it. until i pull up to get my food.
“you must be graduating today” says the joyful mcdonald’s employee.
“what?” i say. and then i realize the comment has to do with my attire. “no, not me, but i’m on my way to a graduation of sorts…” 
“well, congratulations!” he beams. 
“thanks” i say as i drive out, being careful not to spill my diet coke.