graduation day

saturday morning, en route to a graveside funeral, over which i’m presiding. i realize that i need to eat. so i drive through the mcdonald’s drive thru and order a large diet coke and an egg mcmuffin. 
i should mention that i’m dressed for the funeral, which means i’m wearing a cassock and surplice, which looks like this: 
but i’m tucked away in my baby SUV and not thinking much about it. yeah, i get a second glance from the guy i give my $$ to, but that’s it. until i pull up to get my food.
“you must be graduating today” says the joyful mcdonald’s employee.
“what?” i say. and then i realize the comment has to do with my attire. “no, not me, but i’m on my way to a graduation of sorts…” 
“well, congratulations!” he beams. 
“thanks” i say as i drive out, being careful not to spill my diet coke. 

One thought on “graduation day

  1. You’ve inspired me to tell my favorite graveside/cassock/surplice story on my own blog. But, as per my usual ADD self, it’ll take me 19 hours to write.Also, how was that Egg McMuffin? I haven’t had one in YEARS. And yet. And also, please understand that I can’t read your post on Meyer’s vamp series. It’s not you, it’s just that I’m torn between wanting to get sucked in (and therefore fearing the SPOILERS) and not wanting to know anything about it, ever.And even still, also. I’M ON VACATION. Which means I’m just sitting in front of my computer drinking coffee. Same ole, same ole.Why am I using your comments section to communicate with you?xoxo. w+


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