hidden treasures

hidden, discarded and utterly tucked away in the christmas shelves of target, there it was. the perfect tree topper. we had compromised and put my star on top of the tree and the russian spy’s garland (it’s still not up, but will be after the tree trimming party tomorrow). and as we gazed upon the tree–shoes hanging off of it (to weight the branches so the drop more fully), mixed sets of lights, we noticed it. well, more precisely, the russian spy noticed it. the star tree topper had a pentagram hidden in it. i know, i know…it’s a symbol that has many meanings, the divine feminine, among them. but, well…it’s like seeing the arrow hidden in the FedEx logo…once you see it you can’t NOT see it. so it was feeling like the pentagram tree topper, which, frankly, just isn’t me.

so amid the errands we ran yesterday, we found ourselves in target. and there it was. it’s a lighted tree topper, which i’ve never had before. kinda tacky, i know, but the tree is tacky, in a very good way. and most of all, it’s a bethlehem star. i looked all over bethlehem for a bethlehem star tree topper, with no sucess. i did find a candle holder, but i’ve wanted one since then. at the grotto of the nativity a spot marks the place where jesus was born and when you enter you go and touch it. surrounding it is the star like pattern.

so while the tree topper doesn’t look exactly like that, it reminds me more of this pattern. moreover, it reminds me of bethlehem. and that, as you know by now, makes me very happy.

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