putting mary away

yesterday we had lessons and carols to celebrate the epiphany. organist, who was beyond cute, got sooo into making chrismons this year. we made them in advent and then had people return them on epiphany to hang on our epiphany tree (thank you wal-greens after christmas sale–6 foot pre-lit for $9.25). we sang and heard carols, i read some of my favorite words in the bidding prayer and the house was packed. lots of newcomers and newcomer cards today. i slept for 3 hours on sunday afternoon and it was that sleep that comes from the mixture of exhaustion and joy.

today two amazing people (who happen to attend st. pete’s) came over and with the help of sacristan, we took down christmas. the wreathes, the poinsettias, the epiphany tree. last, but not least, we put away the new creche. there is something sad to box it all away. the safety of the story goes away with it too. now is the time when the family will flee to egypt to escape herod’s wrath. and soon, all too soon, the journey to good friday will come. the soft red light bulb which makes a pretty light on the little stable was replaced with the standard milky white one, tape and bubble wrap cover the holy family until they can reappear once more next year. christmas is over and the work begins again.

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