on top of spaghetti

This is what our parish hall looks like right now. No, not the dogs. The candle and the red checkered table cloth and the spaghetti. Sacristan is so sweet. He has made pasta & sauce (with mushrooms, and without for Senior Warden, who does not like to eat fungus!), bread and salad for dinner tonight. Moreover, he’s transformed the room with a few table clothes and some candles. It looks so charming. It’s very dear, just like him.

Meanwhile, I continue to obsess because while I purchased my new Mac on Ebay, I forgot to update my Ebay address book, so the Mac is, I think, going to Hyde Park to my old apartment building. I’ve called and they’ve said they’ll sign for it and I can pick it up, but it hasn’t arrived yet. I’ve tried to get in touch with the seller, who is frustratingly silent. UGH! Doesn’t he know I’m anxious!! I’m ready to get it and get going. My PC gets worse by the day.

Do you ever feel like there’s a million things that NEED to be done, but you’re just not quite sure WHAT they are and what you should do first? That’s been my week this week. I feel like I’ve done nothing. It’s not true–I’ve done quite a lot, but it just feels like I’m not moving forward. I have an hour before mass starts. I should write some thank you notes, work on numbers for the annual report and start my sermon. But my mind won’t slow down enough to do that right now.

I did, I’m happy to say, register for the Festival of Homiletics in May. I can’t wait!!! I’m hoping I might get to see The Snarky Squab as she lives (I think) somewhere in that neck of the woods. The last time I saw her, we were about 8, and she, along with her family, was in a giant U-Haul, backing out of my drive way in Athens, GA. A visit is long past due, eh Squab?