i’ve heard we’re getting between 2 and 10 inches of snow tonight. i am blessing a house tonight and am enjoying the afternoon at home. this is the perfect life, right now, hot chocolate with peppermint marshmellows. ¬†yum!

tomorrow i get to me ++katherine jefferts schori, who’s in town for the ordination and consecration of bishop elect jeffrey lee. it’s going to be a long but good weekend, if we can get there in the snow!!

baby it’s cold outside

some say i’m a freak, but i can’t help it. it’s snowing and i love it. we’re supposed to get something like 5 inches tonight. my new apartment is right by the el, so i took the train to work and walked in the snow, which was so much fun. i’ll probably walk tomorrow too since my car will be burried in the snow!! i wish i knew my neighbors so i could throw a snowball at them!