cubs verses braves

mcdonald’s has it’s summer soda sale going. i know it’s sad that i get excited about this, but when it’s hot, it’s so great to drive through the mcdonald’s, whip out my $1.10 and get this gianormous diet coke. i mean really, is there anything on this planet that can not be made better by a diet coke? anyway…as i’m sitting in the drive thru i see the GA state flag waving outside of wrigley field. of course chicago and illinois flags are flying as well. i’ve known this day would come…the day the cubbies, my backyard team, faces off against the atlanta braves. i’m not a huge sports fan. i like to watch georgia swimming, especially the relays and the occasional georgia football game. but most of all, i love baseball. when i was in college, the braves were in the world series and won it a couple of times. my friends and i would watch it with great passion, go to the celebratory parades, even made up politically correct versions of the tomahawk chop (don’t ask). so i have a tremendous amount of love and loyalty to the atlanta braves. but….i live in cubs land. i live and work in wrigley land. and i love the stadium and the team and even the extra 10 minutes it takes to get home on game days, the fans surrounding my car as the cross from one side of the road to the other.

and so, dear reader, i am stuck. stuck in a land of having to pick my growing up home, my roots verses my new home and my new roots. will it be the cubbies or the braves? only time will tell.

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