the wind

i wrote this a couple of months ago…i thought i’d share it in anticipation of pentecost:

In the beginning was the Wind.
And it whispered, whispered a Word to Mary,
whispered a Word to Joseph,
whispered its way through Bethlehem.
The Wind wandered into Galilee
where it found a few fisher folk and whispered a little louder,
splashing water on the rocks,
to put down the nets
to be foolish enough to follow
as the Wind whipped itself along the Galilean sea.
The Wind whipped along the way
mixing with spit and mud and causing the blind to see
moving the leaves aside so that the light would shine
meeting the woman at the well and moving through her hair, 
making her bold enough to ask
“may I taste this water of life?”
The Wind whirled into Jerusalem
following the Word
following the twelve
following the women
whirling and twirling, whispering and yelling
“Hosanna! Hosanna in the Highest!”
And then the Wind was silent.
From noon til three on Friday
Silent and still
The Wind did not whip, did not whirl, did not whisper.
The Wind did not blow.
And the world was silent and alone.
Three days later the Wind began to blow again
First a whisper, then it whirled and whipped,
in tongues and fire, in water and light
and the Word made flesh inhaled
and breathed on the disciples
and the Wind rushed out
never to be silenced again. 

4 thoughts on “the wind

  1. Here’s another request — I have two sermons, one for the Vigil of Pentecost (the one time in my life I can observe it on my birthday) and one for Sunday morning. May I use it with full credit to you? It’s wonderful and would make a good meditation for the Saturday VE.


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