and so this is christmas…

did you know that starbucks is open on christmas day? not all of them, but the one in lakeview on broadway is. i overheard them today talking about it. the store is decked out in christmas array. and christmas music starts on monday. there are (according to what i overheard) 3 different versions of rudolph the red nose reindeer, 4 different versions of jingle bells (or some other number that is equally popular) and perhaps some rendition of the little drummer boy (that song makes me wretch).

my bff works at starbucks and i’m pretty sure he’s off on christmas day (i hope so as i’m planning to have him over after church). but nonetheless, it occurs to me that we have no real concept sabbath rest in our culture. sabbath is so essential in both the jewish and christian culture, faith and life. has america lost this notion? perhaps we used to–perhaps when religious life was more the norm.

the light at walgreens flashes “we’re open all day on thanksgiving” as does the sign at the jewel and at starbucks. so we pay these underpaid workers time and a half to give up being with family and friends. and for some people, the holidays mean nothing so why not work. but what concerns me is that we have lost the notion of sabbath (if we ever had it). we are so busy doing that we forget how to just be.

and then there’s the fact that its not even thanksgiving and we’re decorated for christmas. egad. but, if i’m honest, i love the holiday lights and colours. i know, i know, i’m supposed to keep the seasons of advent and christmas separate. and in church i do. we sing advent hymns, i preach advent themes. but at home–well–the tree goes up and my house becomes a holiday explosion. please don’t call the advent police!

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